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Inclusive Industry '22 On Demand


My Journey and Practical Advice on Building Inclusive Cultures

Juergen Maier is a British-Austrian national and a UK Industrialist who moved to the UK in 1974. He is the former CEO of Siemens UK, currently Chair of the Digital Catapult and Vice-Chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership. Juergen speaks openly about his experiences in the manufacturing industry, how his views have changed and the ways that he has created a progressive and inclusive environment in the organisations he's been involved with.


Why are we still talking about unconscious bias?

Ali Beresford, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Nestle, discusses how unconscious bias can influence the workplace, how to recognise bias and the steps we can all take to confront our biases to make the places we work more inclusive.


Leadership and Inclusive Language

Theresa Palmer, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, presents the importance of language in an inclusive workplace, how to speak with more awareness and the ways this can influence culture.


Overcoming our Biases – How We Can All Create a More Inclusive Workplace

Greg Turner-Smart, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Rolls-Royce, explores the ways bias can creep in to a workplace, how to spot it and the practical steps we can take to challenge biases.

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